LicenseSpring Fulfillment Advanced Features

Last updated on February 26, 2021

Disclaimer: Some of these features require you to modify your store theme's HTML to add custom fields. Please only attempt these modifications if you are comfortable editing the code behind your pages. 

For more information on adding custom fields to your store, see the following link:


Multiple Product Features

To add multiple features to a product's license, supply a list of the feature codes in the Shopify SKU using the following format:


Example:  synthx:eqmodule:fxpack:reverb


Trial Licenses

To setup a license with 'Is trial = Yes' in LicenseSpring, add a hidden field called 'ls_is_trial' to your product page. This is stored on the line item and passed to LicenseSpring during fulfillment.

Sample code:

<input id="ls_is_trial" type="hidden" name="properties[ls_is_trial]" value="Y">


Upgrading an Existing License

In order to upgrade an existing license, we need to tell LicenseSpring how to find that license.  The following parameters for looking up a license are supported:

  • License ID (field 'ls_upgrade_license_id')
  • License Key (field 'ls_upgrade_license_key' - for authorization method 'license key' only)
  • User Email (field 'ls_upgrade_user_email' - for authorization method 'user' only)
  • Hardware ID (field 'ls_upgrade_hardware_id')

In addition, if you would like to upgrade the license from a trial version, you can remove 'Is trial = Y' in LicenseSpring by providing the field 'ls_upgrade_trial'.


Sample code (using License Key to upgrade from trial to regular version):

<div class="product-form__controls-group">
  <div class="product-form__item">
    <label for="ls_upgrade_license_key">Enter License Key for current license:</label>
    <input required class="required" id="ls_upgrade_license_key" type="text" name="properties[ls_upgrade_license_key]">
    <input id="ls_upgrade_trial" type="hidden" name="properties[ls_upgrade_trial]" value="Y">


Sample code (using Hardware ID to add features to a product):

Step 1 - Add feature codes to the product / variant SKU in Shopify.

Step 2 - Set that product to use a template in Shopify that has the following code in it:

<div class="product-form__controls-group">
  <div class="product-form__item">
    <label for="ls_upgrade_hardware_id">Enter Hardware ID for current license:</label>
    <input required class="required" id="ls_upgrade_hardware_id" type="text" name="properties[ls_upgrade_hardware_id]">