LicenseSpring Fulfillment Installation Instructions

Before You Start

These instructions assume the following:

  • Your store is already setup for taking orders (e.g. you have configured Shopify Payments or another payment processor.
  • You have an existing account with LicenseSpring.
  • You have installed the LicenseSpring Fulfillment app into your store.

STEP 1 – Choose a Billing Plan

  1. In Shopify Admin for your test store, navigate to 'Apps', then select 'LicenseSpring Fulfillment'
  2. You will be presented with the 'Settings' page. You will see that no billing plan is selected:

 Select Billing Plan

  1. Select any available Billing Plan.


STEP 2 – Add LicenseSpring Keys

Now we need to enter our LicenseSpring Keys.  You can find these in your LicenseSpring dashboard under ‘Account Settings’:


  1. Next to each item is a ‘copy’ button – you can click that button to copy the value. Then you navigate to the LicenseSpring Fulfillment Settings Page and paste the values into the LicenseSpring Keys section:

 LicenseSpring Account Settings

  1. When you have pasted (or entered) your keys, click 'Save changes'. You will see a check mark next to the keys, indicating they were saved successfully.


STEP 3 – Configure Your Product(s)

You must now configure your product(s) for fulfillment.


  1. Navigate to any Product in your store using Shopify Admin.
  2. Under the 'Inventory' section, enter (or select) the following values:
  • Inventory managed by: LicenseSpring Fulfillment
  • SKU: <your product’s short code from LicenseSpring>
  • Track quantity: <leave unchecked>

 See below for example:

 Inventory Settings


*NOTE: If you are using Variants, the ‘Inventory’ section is on each Variant page, rather than on the Product page.


*IMPORTANT: If you do not know where your ‘Product Short Code’ is, login to your LicenseSpring Dashboard and look for the following:

 LicenseSpring Configure Products

  1. Under the section for ‘Shipping’, be sure to uncheck the option ‘This is a physical product’:

In Shipping, uncheck the option for 'This is a physical product'


STEP 4 – Configure Checkout

We will setup the store for automatic fulfillment.


  1. In Shopify Admin, navigate to 'Settings -> Checkout'.
  2. In the section 'Order processing', under 'After an order has been paid', select 'Automatically fulfill the order's line items'.

Order Processing Automatic Fulfillment

STEP 5 – Enter a Test Order

Now we will enter a test order to test the fulfillment process.


  1. Navigate to your external customer-facing Online Store.
  2. Add the product you configured in STEP 3 to your cart. Select at least quantity of 1.
  3. Complete the checkout process using an email address of your choice.



STEP 6 - Fulfillment

We can now watch the app complete the fulfillment.


  1. In Shopify Admin, navigate to 'Orders' and click on the order you just entered.
  2. In the 'Timeline' section, you should see the following occur within 5-10 minutes:

 Order Timeline


  1. In addition, the item should be marked as Fulfilled, and there should be a Tracking Number, which is the license key that was generated by LicenseSpring:

 Fulfilled Order