OmniTag FAQ

System Requirements

  • Win - Windows 10 or higher
  • Mac - macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher
  • Omnisphere 2 or higher

Why don't my 'User' or 'Sharing' folders show up in OmniTag?

These are special folders which do not have a predictable structure, so they are hidden by default.

You can reveal these folders by going to 'Options' and choosing to include them when scanning.

NOTE: If you conform these folders, OmniTag will treat them just like a third party library - where 'User' (or 'Sharing') is the library name, and the next level of folders are Category names.  If you have a more complex folder structure, you might want to think twice before you do this.  Or just try it out and restore a backup (from inside OmniTag) if you are not happy with the results.

Where does OmniTag store backups and logs?

These are stored at the following locations:

  • Win - Documents\OmniTag
  • Mac - <userfolder>\OmniTag

I am concerned OmniTag might harm my computer (or Omnisphere setup)

If you are concerned that OmniTag might do something harmful to your system, back up your STEAM folder before conforming any libraries.  Hey, you should have a backup of your STEAM folder anyway, right?

Also, check out the 'Preview' feature in OmniTag - you can page through any of your libraries and see the changes OmniTag will make - before committing anything to disk.

Where is the Bonus Library?

The Bonus Library is included in the .zip you received after purchase.  It is in the 'Bonus Library' folder.

    I got a strange error while conforming on Windows

    If you ever receive an error while conforming a library on Windows, it is likely due to file or folder permissions on your computer.  This can normally be resolved by running OmniTag as Administrator.  To do this:

    1. Close OmniTag (if open)
    2. Right-click the OmniTag app icon and select 'Run as administrator'
    3. Click 'Yes' on the User Account Control warning

    The Mac version isn't as pretty as the Windows version

    On the Mac version, some of the image backgrounds do not scale to fill the background.  This is an unfortunate glitch in the Xamarin toolset used to build OmniTag.  This will hopefully be fixed in a future release.

    I received a 'Windows protected your PC' message when opening the installer

    If you receive a message like this, you can safely ignore it: 

    Unfortunately, we have no control over this.  It is part of Windows' SmartScreen technology.