LicenseSpring Fulfillment Changelog

Last updated on February 26, 2021

Feb 2021 Update

  • Backend has been upgraded to utilize LicenseSpring's new 'Management API'. This allows for more advanced licensing fulfillment scenarios.
  • User-based authorization is now supported.  If your product is configured with Authorization Method 'user', the app will send the email address used at checkout when setting up the new user license.
  • Product features are now supported.  Use the following format when setting up the SKU in Shopify - Product code:Feature code1:Feature code2:etc 
  • Access to LicenseSpring's 'User Portal' ( is now supported. Select 'Set up customers as license managers' on the app 'Settings' page to enable this.  The email used at checkout will be set up as 'license manager' in LicenseSpring.
  • ADVANCED - Trial licenses can now be issued (requires adding custom HTML fields to your store).
  • ADVANCED - Trial licenses can be upgraded to full licenses (requires adding custom HTML fields to your store).
  • ADVANCED - License upgrades (e.g. adding features to an existing license, or upgrading a trial) are now supported (requires adding custom HTML fields to your store)*.
    • *To upgrade a license, the customer must enter one of the following values during checkout:
      • License ID (LicenseSpring's internal ID number)
      • License Key (for key-based licenses)
      • User Email (for user-based licenses)**
      • Hardware ID**
      • **NOTE: If there are multiple licenses for the same product + Hardware ID / Email, the most recently-created license will be upgraded (same behavior as LicenseSpring activation).
  • Various bugfixes.

For more information the Advanced Features, see the following page:

      March 2020

      • Initial release on Shopify app store.